Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Difference between us and them

Look at some of the words this columnist uses: Bush is a "lie" and "phony" (4th paragraph), he assumed office "in a dishonest way" (5th paragraph), he has "extremist policies" (5th paragraph), the "phony case for war" (7th paragraph), and so on.

What is amazing is that this wasn't written by some college nutjob at the Daily Iowan, this was in a major national paper. The rhetoric employed by the author (who is actually a co-editor of the American Prospect, no big surprise) is so over-the-top and vitriolic that I believe it is off-putting to the average Joe Suburb. Do average Americans really believe that Bush lied to push America into Iraq? Of course not; only college professors and liberal columnists really think that, though it doesn't stop Terry McAuliffe from reciting it.

But what is even more amazing is how this mentality (Bush = evil, liar, phony, fraud, Nazi, coward) is no longer confined to the far reaches of the party, it's not front and center! And with the prominent faces of the party spewing such bile out, it has become part of the Democrats identity - ie, I'm a Democrat which means I hate Bush (which is why Zell Miller jumped off that ship). This is a phenomenon that can be traced directly to Howard Dean, who threw meat to the fringe element and thereby forced all the other primary candidates to throw scraps in that direction too. Unfortunately, the Dems seem not to apprehend that this might work in a primary when you're appealing to the most liberal 10% of America, but won't transfer well to the general election.

Also, it's telling that I have yet to find a Republican columnist that goes after Kerry with such bitterness or hostility. They all point out that he flip-flops, that his voting record is weak on defense, that he wants to raise taxes, but that's about it. That is, these thoughts exist, but you don't find them on the editorial pages of the WSJ or even on National Review.

It'll be fun to watch the apoplexy that will seize the Left once Bush wins again. If they're saying this stuff now, who knows what they'll come up with during a second term.


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