Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bush documents

Well, Mitchell, I'm glad Drudge is running with the story, because CNN certainly isn't (link above). Oh wait, I mean they're running with the Bush AWOL story (including quotes from that gasbag Tom Harkin), but haven't even addressed the credibility of the documents, despite the fact that the blogosphere is blowing up about it. Hell, even Brit Hume's show tonight talked about it.

How ridiculous. If these documents turn out to be false, then I'll be as giddy as when Zell preached the truth from the podium.

While we're on it, things are looking so fishy and suspect that it seems almost certain that they are forgeries. At the very least, the documents (or rather, the material contained in the documents) could be real, but they have obviously been retyped. Check out The Weekly Standard online for Stephen Hayes's story, and also take a look at the Kerry Spot from around 7:00 EST tonight for a full recap. Although I'm sure you all are way ahead of me on that.

Bo's prediction: Documents are forgeries. The media largely ignores the subsequent "scandal" and CBS is, if not forgiven, at least allowed to slink away in relative quiet. But it would all be worth it to see Senator Harkin have to eat his words. I still can't believe Ganske lost to him.


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